Exactly. we’re all entitled to be depressed from time to time. its what made America great. everyone should stop trying to be so European, with the fake optimism, and hope for the future.
every time i try to listen to something else i just end up going back to states line ‘em up EP.


so freaking good.

Reblog if you like Director Shepard better then Director Vance.
La diferencia entre los hombres y mujeres luego de terminar una relación.









Día del Rompimiento:

Una semana después:

Un mes después:


Día del rompimiento:

Una semana después:

Un mes después:



EVER! xdddd

So true…!!!

Sin duda alguna, soy toda un hombrecito

Sí =(


30 Days of Kink: Day 15


Day 15: Post a BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.

I have a very strong fixation with rape/kidnapping types of scenarios, which are not something one can usually do just spur of the moment. I’m attracted to the non-consensual aspects in a “Oooh yum” kind of way, but the possible psychological impact does scare me quite a bit. So do the logisticts of it all - like I said, it’s not something that Felix and I (and whoever else) could just decide to do on impulse.

That being said, I’ll focus more on an activity that still needs negotiation but is easier to do on a whim.

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Passionate Kisses.
it’s snowing and i’m sick.


but i’ll be damned if i don’t love being taken care of. 



NEW COVER: Stephen Colbert performing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” with The Roots and Taylor Hicks on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Oh goodness :P

The Beautifully Quiet “Somewhere”


Who is Johnny Marco? 

At one point a reporter asks the sullen actor this question as he slouches on a table during a press conference. He looks back, empty, unable to answer. 

Such is the tone for Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere, perhaps her most personal film to date. It observes the life of a man who finds himself listless, oversaturated with the whoops and bells that is the Hollywood glamour life. Fame, fortune, femme – he has these all at his disposal. For some, this is more than enough – it is something to be desired, to aspire towards and more often than not reinforced as the ideal by celebrity news gossip and fickle entertainment news outlets. For Johnny Marco, no amount of sex, booze, drugs or goodies can wash away the inevitable truth – that he is nothing. I suspect he indulges to delay the onset of this eventual realization. 

Somewhere is a daring film despite its quietness characteristic of Ms. Coppola. It examines the life of a character not traveling within a foreign country or having existed centuries prior, but a man who lives here in Los Angeles, the hub of Hollywood and of celebrity America looks upon with hungry lust and vicious savagery. Look around the internet and tabloid stands and it’s obvious: many people don’t register that a famous face and body belongs to an actual living a person, a person with feelings, abilities and inabilities as human as we ourselves are. The commonplace of horrid nitpicking and hyper romanticization of who a celebrity-actor is is nothing short of dehumanization as countless photos and videos, flattering and not, surface on a day to day basis since, after all, their glamour and wealth must be more interesting than the mundanity of our own lives; to even fathom that they could even be bored or disenchanted with such a lifestyle is completely out of the question. It is much easier to idolize and criticize a person when they stand behind a tinted window of our construction, a bellowing sea of voices directed and funneled down to their very presence. 

Sophia Coppola breaks down this separation by examining an equally mundane (if not more so) life of an actor who finds no joy in anything his current lifestyle offers – he simply continues doing it because there’s nothing else to do. 

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This post changed my (coding) life. Probably the easiest way to create a simple blog, use Git for version control and deploy from the command line. Should also add that Heroku probably has the easiest sign up process ever for a free app hosting account.